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Our offer includes:
- linen fabrics
- flax yarn, dry-spun and wet-spun which can be boiled and bleached
- technical thread – glossy or mat: raw, dyed and bleached.
The main range of yarn produced:
-- flax yarn hackled wet Nm.20-Nm.5 /tex50-tex200/
-- flax yarn carded wet Nm.20-Nm5 /tex50-tex200/
-- flax yarn carded dry Nm.10-Nm.2,4 /tex100-tex420/

The main range of strings offered:

-- technical strings and threads /polished and mat/:
The number of threads, the weight and colours of packings according to individual orders

The main assortment of fabrcs that we manufacture:

-clothes fabrics weighing 140-28- g/m2 natural, white,dyed/, 152 cm in width
-technical and decorative fabrics weighing 225-530 g/m2, 140-240 cm in width
We are able to adapt our technology and manufacturing process to our customers’ needs and preferences.
We also offer:

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